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AT&T’s top lobbyist exits board of controversial anti-environmental group

· By The UNFK Team

When we reach out to large companies, we often ask them if they are affiliated with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, a Washington D.C. based lobbying group with a long track record of fighting strong environmental policies

Recently we asked AT&T if it remains affiliated with the Chamber. We noted in our inquiry that one of its senior executives, AT&T Senior Executive Vice President Ed Gillespie, was still listed on the Chamber’s site as serving on its board of directors. 

An AT&T spokesperson, Jeannette Castaneda, responded that the company needed time to “gather updates.” A day later, the company reached out again by email to state that Gillespie is no longer on the Chamber’s board. 

No additional information was provided regarding Gillespie’s date of departure or his reason for leaving. 

It would appear that AT&T, however, remains a member of the Chamber. Castaneda said AT&T is, “part of the internal working group that has helped moderate and modernize the chamber’s POV on climate.” 

In 2009, Apple and several other large companies quit the U.S. Chamber of Commerce over its climate policies.